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MomsRising: a new approach to engagement By Noah Rimland Flower / June 2011 / Leave a comment

This post is the fifth in a series about our recent study of member-based advocacy organizations, DISRUPTION: Evolving Models of Engagement and Support.

MomsRising is a pioneer in providing new value to their members. Rather than advocate on their behalf, MomsRising listens to and enables their members to act. Here’s a short summary of how they do it:

Membership Engagement

    • The organization was founded in 2006 with the goal of bringing together people to fight for a ‘more family-friendly America’
    • It has focused on movement-building over organization-building
    • It has over 1m members to date

  • Quote: “The Internet is just a fancy tool that alone can’t do anything. Our Internet-based work is only as effective as we are at combining on-line strategies with on the ground organizing and leveraging traditional media coverage.”


Use of New Media

  • They use new media to inspire their constituents and facilitate action
  • They prioritize listening over broadcasting
  • Quote: “We’re learning that the web provides a whole range of toolkit options. It’s not a linear approach; it’s more like making a quilt. For example, our email, website, Facebook page and Twitter all reverberate back to our blogs and our actions. None of these is an isolated effort. They all intersect and build off each other.”

Factors of Success

  • They have maintained great speed and flexibility
  • They take a holistic and integrated approach
  • Success means enabling their constituents to affect the agenda
  • Quote: “Fundamentally, our success at movement building isn’t about our team. It’s about listening to our constituency. We use multiple ways of listening. We use technology to listen and to enter into dialogue and to develop community and leadership among our constituency.”


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