The What’s Next for Community Philanthropy initiative was launched by the Monitor Institute in January 2013 to engage community foundations and other community philanthropy organizations in a large-scale innovation and design process to help them open up to new models and new possibilities that will help them better serve their communities in the years ahead.

Over the course of the initiative, the Monitor Institute team interviewed nearly 200 different community philanthropy organizations across six continents; explored more than 50 analogous spaces and parallel industries related to community change; conferred with more than a dozen leading futurists to understand how the context for community philanthropy is changing; spoke with a host of donors and other potential community philanthropy “users,” (both those who already work with community foundations and those who don’t); and held scores of interactive workshops and feedback sessions with more than 2,000 community philanthropy practitioners to engage and test ideas and tools with the field.

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The project would not have been possible without funding from the Council on Foundations, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada, and 17 leading U.S. community foundations, including the Arizona Community Foundation, California Community Foundation, The Cleveland Foundation, The Columbus Foundation, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia, Grand Rapids Community Foundation, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Marin Community Foundation, The Minneapolis Foundation, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation, The Pittsburgh Foundation, and The St. Paul Foundation.


Monitor Institute is a social change consultancy that works with innovative leaders to surface and spread best practices in public problem solving and to pioneer next practices — breakthrough approaches for addressing social and environmental challenges. Monitor Institute marries a deep grounding in strategy, networks, social innovation, and human systems with the fundamentals of professional advisory services — effective project management, skilled facilitation and well-timed intervention. As a for-profit/for-benefit hybrid, Monitor Institute pursues social impact while operating as a fully integrated unit of Deloitte Consulting LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. For more information about the Monitor Institute, visit


Gabriel Kasper

Gabriel Kasper is a senior manager at the Monitor Institute. He has spent nearly two decades helping leading foundations innovate and adapt to the changing context for their work. He was previously a program officer at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and managed neighborhood programs at the Berkeley Community Fund.


Jess Ausinheiler

A manager at Monitor Institute, Jess Ausinheiler works at the intersection of strategy, systems thinking, and innovation to help organizations and collaborations drive social change. She previously studied youth-based NGO networks operating in the West Bank. You can reach her on Twitter @jessausinheiler.


Justin Marcoux

At Monitor Institute, Justin Marcoux focuses broadly on innovation in philanthropy, exploring new ideas and approaches with forward-thinking philanthropic leaders. He also gravitates toward impact investing, measurement and evaluation, and education solutions. He was previously at Cambridge Associates, where he worked with foundations, nonprofits, and universities on investing their endowments. You can find him on Twitter @jmcoux.

The What’s Next for Community Philanthropy initiative was co-created in collaboration with hundreds of community philanthropy practitioners and external experts around the globe. It is the product of conversations, readings, and interactions too numerous to name.

We are immensely grateful to our many partners and influences, both inside and outside of our organization, and want attempt to do our best to highlight them here.

First and foremost, we are indebted to our advisory committee members in both the United States and Canada for their tireless leadership, insight, advocacy, and patience throughout the project. Without their contributions, the initiative simply would not have happened.
U.S. Advisory Committee

Chris Goett – (formerly) Council on Foundations
Grant Oliphant – (formerly) The Pittsburgh Foundation
John Kobara – California Community Foundation
Kelly Ryan – Incourage Community Foundation
Neel Hajra – Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Nick Deychakiwsky – Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Paul Major – Telluride Foundation
Sandra Vargas – The Minneapolis Foundation

Canadian Advisory Committee

Aaron McRann – The Community Foundation of the South Okanagan
Andrea Dicks – Rideau Hall Foundation
Jane Humphries – Community Foundations of Canada
Kristine Bugayong – Red Deer & District Community Foundation
Liz Palmieri – Niagara Community Foundation
Martha Powell – London Community Foundation
Richard Frost – The Winnipeg Foundation
Sandra Richardson – Victoria Foundation
Tracey Vavrek – Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta


Several other individuals — Deborah Ellwood of CFLeads, Becca Graves of CF Insights, Jenny Hodgson of the Global Fund for Community Foundations, Ian Bird of Community Foundations of Canada, Dick Ober of the New Hampshire Charitable Trust, and Vikki Spruill of the Council on Foundations — also deserve special thanks for generously going far above and beyond the call of duty in helping support, shape, and advance the What’s Next initiative and its ideas.

And we want to express our sincere appreciation to Audrey Haberman, Jan Jaffe, Mark Sedway, Allison Eltrich, and Jeff Clarke of The Giving Practice and Philanthropy Northwest for their collaboration, persistence, and creative thinking in working with us to conduct an important extension of the What’s Next project that convened an amazing set of community philanthropy leaders from their region to test out and refine several of the initiative’s concepts and tools.

In addition, we would like to extend our deepest thanks to a number of team members who have helped make the project a reality. To start, we relied heavily on the wisdom of Katherine Fulton and Lucy Bernholz, two co-authors of On the Brink of New Promise: The Future of U.S. Community Foundations, our first exploration of community foundations back in 2005. Both helped us view community foundations as part of a much larger philanthropic landscape, which became a key theme throughout our work. And we want to give special thanks to Megan Schumann, Heather Imboden, Caroline Bas, Avon Swofford, Dana O’Donovan, and Tony Siesfeld, who helped us develop and refine our thinking over the course of the project and were instrumental to moving the initiative forward.

Other parts of Deloitte Consulting also significantly influenced our thinking on the project. The innovation strategy group Doblin created the original work around “orthodoxies,” and we want to thank Larry Keeley, Erik Kiaer, and Bansi Nagji for helping us translate the orthodoxies work and other commercial innovation concepts to the social sector. Another Deloitte unit, the Center for the Edge, created other key concepts that were integrated into the project, including elements of our ideation and prototyping workshops, the “scaling edges” framework, the idea to create a colorful flipbook, and the clever “Shift Happens” title of one of our documents. In particular we would like to thank John Hagel, John Seely Brown, Duleesha Kulasooriya, and Maggie Wooll. Additionally, Chris Ertel from Deloitte Greenhouse provided valuable input. And Deloitte’s Strategy and Operations Eminence and Marketing team, led by Eamonn Kelly, provided invaluable support and guidance in helping to create multi-media websites, printed materials, and even card games related to the project.

We would also like to thank a number of other team members who helped in various ways with the research, brainstorming, and publication of this work: Elan Siedband, Hannah Yang, Andrei Santalo, Amrit Bhinder, Lisa Newman-Wise, Stuart Burden, and Noah Flower. And we would like to show our appreciation for the design team who helped turn our ideas into beautiful documents: Beth Adams, Daniel Wahlig, Lynn Carruthers, Christine Oh, and our web designers at Kluge Interactive.

We do not have the names of everyone who helped to co-create the ideas of this initiative. But the people noted below represent what we believe is a nearly complete list of those who provided us with critical feedback and input through interviews, review of draft materials, and participation in pilot workshops. We apologize in advance for anyone we have missed.


Aaron McRann – Community Foundation of the South Okanagan
Adrienne Mason – Clayoquot Biosphere Trust
Alandra Washington – W,K, Kellogg Foundation added organization
Alice Ito – AAPIP, SJF
Alicia Philipp – Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Alina Porumb – Association for Community Relations
Alison Mathie – Coady International Institute
Allison Eltrich – The Giving Practice of Philanthropy Northwest
Alma Cota de Yanez – Fundación del Empresariado Sonorense
Alvertha Penny – (formerly) The Community Foundation of South Alabama
Amie Vaccaro –
Amy Cram Helwich – Minnesota Urban Debate League
Amy McBride – Libraries of Montrose County Foundation
Ana Garcia Ashley – Gamaliel Foundation
Anderson Giovani da Silva – Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis
Andrea Dicks – Rideau Hall Foundation
Andrew Blau – Deloitte Consulting
Andrew Swinney – The Philadelphia Foundation
Angela Dethlefs-Trettin – The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Antonia Hernández – California Community Foundation
Audrey Haberman – The Giving Practice of Philanthropy Northwest
Avila Kilmurray – Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
Bahia Ramos – Knight Foundation
Barry Knight – CENTRIS
Becca Graves – CF Insights
Bev Clegg – Selkirk and District Community Foundation
Brenda Chumley – Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Brent Christopher – Communities Foundation of Texas
Brian Fogle – Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Brian Fredrick – The Community Foundation for Lorain County
Brian Byrnes – Santa Fe Community Foundation
Bruce Argyle – Philanthropy Australia
Cali Brooks – Adirondack Foundation
Cara Dingus Brook – Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
Carla Lewis – Washington Women’s Foundation
Carla Roberts – Fremont Area Community Foundation
Carleen Rhodes – Minnesota Philanthropy Partners
Carmela Lomonaco – Sociometrics
Caroline Merenda – CF Leads
Catherine Covington – RSF Social Finance
Cathy Elliott – Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside
Charly Kleissner – KL Felicitas Foundation
Chris Block – American Leadership Forum
Chris Goett – (formerly) Council on Foundations
Cindy Gibson – Independent Consultant
Cindy Ratcliffe – Phuket Community Foundation
Clare Brooks – Australian Communities Foundation
Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker – Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Danko Nikolic – Zajecar Initiative & Step Forward Foundation
Darcy Oman – The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Debbie McKeon – Council on Michigan Foundations
Denise Spencer – Community Foundation of the Lowcountry
Diana R. Sieger – Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Dick Ober – New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Doug Kreidler – The Columbus Foundation
Dr. Albert Ruesga – Greater New Orleans Foundation
Eileen Ellsworth – Community Foundation for Northern Virginia
Eleanor Clement Glass – Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Eric Garen – (formerly) Bright Prospect
Eugene Kim – Faster than 20
Eva Friesen – The Calgary Foundation
Faye Wightman – (formerly) Vancouver Foundation
Frank Minton – Independent Consultant
Garland Yates – Neighborhood Funders Group
George P. Ferrari – Community Foundation of Tompkins County
George Stevens – Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina
Glenn Stresman – WindsorEssex Community Foundation
Grant Oliphant – (formerly) The Pittsburgh Foundation
Habon Abdulle – Advancing Women’s Voices
Halima Mahomed – TrustAfrica
Hans Dekker – Community Foundation of New Jersey
Heather Dwyer – Open 4Culture
Henry Izumizaki – The Russell Family Foundation
Hilary Pearson – Philanthropic Foundations Canada
Holly Matson Spaeth – (formerly) CF Insights
Huong Vu – Boeing
Ian Bird – Community Foundations of Canada
Ivye Allen – Foundation for the Mid South
James Coates – Woodside & San Bruno
Jan Jaffe – The Giving Practice of Philanthropy Northwest
Jane Humphries – Community Foundations of Canada
Janis Foster Richardson – Grassroots Grantmakers
Javier Soto – The Miami Foundation
Jeff Yost – Nebraska Community Foundation
Jeffrey Pickering – Kern Community Foundation
Jennifer Leonard – Rochester Area Community Foundation
Jenny Hodgson – Fund for Community Foundations
Jill Bamburg – Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Jim Becker – Richmond Community Foundation
Jim Williamson – Community Foundation of Greater New Britain
Joanne Lewis – Brant Community Foundation
Jody Waits – Pride Foundation
Joel Garreau – Arizona State University
John Davies – Baton Rouge Area Foundation
John Hagel III – Deloitte Center for the Edge
John Kobara – Califonia Community Foundation
Judith Olsen – Impact Capital
Judy Sjostedt – Parkersburg Area Community Foundation
Karim Camara – Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Kate Nielson – Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
Kathy Merchant – The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Keith Burwell – Toledo Community Foundation
Kelly Ryan – Incourage Foundation
Kelvin Taketa – Hawaii Community Foundation
Kevin Murphy – Berks County Community Foundation
Kris Tucker – (formerly) ArtsWA
Kyle Stewart – ReAllocate, Inc.
Marti Brown – Emerge California, (formerly) Vallejo City Council
Meredith Blake – Prosocial Consulting
Lauren Casteel – The Denver Foundation
Lawson Knight – Blue Mountain Community Foundation
Leigh Halverson – Pittsburgh Foundation
Linda Carter – Community Foundation of Broward
Linda Kelly – Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Linda Moore – Yakima Valley Community Foundation
Linetta Gilbert – Ford Foundation
Liz Palmieri – Niagara Community Foundation
Lorie Slutsky – New York Community Trust
Lorraine Widmer-Carson – Banff Community Foundation
Marcel Lauzière – (formerly) Imagine Canada
Maria Chertok – CAF Russia
Mariam Noland – Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Marie Sauter – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Mark Brewer – The Central Florida Foundation
Mark Sedway – The Giving Practice of Philanthropy Northwest
Martha Darling – Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Martha Powell – London Community Foundation
Mauri Ingram – Whatcom Community Foundation
Max Williams – Oregon Community Foundation
Melissa Scott Oomer – FSG Community Foundation Insights
Meredith H. Jones – Maine Community Foundation
Michael Batchelor – Erie Community Foundation
Michael Marsicano – Foundation for the Carolinas
Michael Parks – The Dayton Foundation
Michael Woo – Got Green
Migee Han – Sightline Institute
Mike Hannigan – (formerly) Pike’s Peak Community Foundation
Mike Kane – Community Foundation for the Alleghenies
Nancy Van Milligen – Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque
Nancy Straw – West Central Initiative
Naomi Parker – The Boston Foundation
Neel Hajra – Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Nick Deychakiwsky – Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Nicole Neditch – Code for America
Nicole Taylor – (formerly) East Bay Community Foundation
Nicole Trimble – Outerwall
Niel Steinberg – Rhode Island Foundation
Nils Gilman – Monitor 360
Norman B. Rice – (formerly) Seattle Foundation
Paul Major – Telluride Foundation
Paula Hickman – The Community Foundation of North Louisiana
Peter Bloch Garcia – Marguerite Casey Foundation
Peter Pennekamp – (formerly) Humboldt Area Foundation
Peter Schwartz – Salesforce
Rahul Bhardwaj – Toronto Community Foundation
Richard Frost – The Winnipeg Foundation
Rob Collier – Council on Michigan Foundations
Rob Williamson – Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland
Robert T. Phillips – (formerly) The Santa Cruz Community Foundation
Robert Wells -Pacfic Lutheran University MediaLab
Roger Doughty – Horizons Foundation
Ronn Richards – The Cleveland Foundation
Rose Lincoln Hamilton – The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Salli Martyniak – Forward Community Investments
Sandra Richardson – Victoria Foundation
Sandra Vargas – The Minneapolis Foundation
Sevda Kirincunlap – TUSEV
Shannon St. John – Synergos
Sheri Tonn – Tacoma Community Foundation
Sidney Hargro – Community Foundation of South Jersey
Sonal Shah – London Community Foundation (UK)
Stephen Chan – The Boston Foundation
Stephen Maislin – Greater Houston Community Foundation
Stephen Norman – Corporation for Supportive Housing
Steven Mayer – Effective Communities Project
Steven Seleznow – Arizona Community Foundation
Steve Joul – Central Minnesota Community Foundation
Steve McQuaid The Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island
Steve Weber – UC Berkeley School of Information
Stuart Comstock-Gay – Vermont Community Foundation
Sue Taoka – Craft 3
Susan Springgate – Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Susan Rice – Libraries of Montrose County Foundation
Svetlana Pushkareva Hutfles – Kansas Association of Community Foundations
T. Duane Gordon – Middletown Community Foundation
Tara Smith – Seattle Works
Terence P. Mulligan – Napa Valley Community Foundation
Teri Hansen – Gulf Coast Community Foundation
Terry Cooke – Hamilton Community Foundation
Terry Mazany – Chicago Community Trust
Thomas Peters – Marin Community Foundation
Thomas Wilcox – The Baltimore Community Foundation
Tim Crosby – Slow Money Northwest
Tim Fox – Fredericton Community Foundation
Tom Bird – Sonen Capital
Tracey Vavrek – Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta
Trisha Worthington – (formerly) Park City Community Foundation
Trudy Wyse – Consultant
Vikki Spruill – Council on Foundations
Walker Sanders – The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Wayne Rickard – Federal Emergency Management Agency
William Ginsberg – The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
Zeke Spier – Social Justice Fund