The Prioritizing Roles Game

Given limited human and financial resources, community philanthropy leaders need to be deliberate about which roles they play in their communities, which roles they want to play more of in the future, and which roles they should not be playing.

The Prioritizing Roles Interactive Game helps you think intentionally about how to build a strategic portfolio of activities for your organization that balances investment in core roles that are the bread and butter of your work with aspirational experiments that address changing needs and can position you to better serve your community in the future.

About the Game

With so many competing priorities pulling community philanthropy organizations in different directions, new activities are often added in a responsive and organic way. As a result, resources can get spread too thin, in ways that distract from key objectives. At the same time, focusing only on established roles can mean missing out on important new opportunities that emerge.

The Prioritizing Roles Interactive Game that follows is designed to help you think through the strategic roles that you should be playing in your community. It aims to help you make clear choices about what is core to your organization, what is not, and what experiments you should be exploring for the future, given your mission, capabilities, resources, and community context.