We help leaders disrupt the status quo to address pressing social and environmental problems.

Monitor Institute is a social enterprise that surfaces and spreads best practices in public problem solving and pioneers next practices – breakthrough approaches to addressing social and environmental challenges. We partner with mission-driven organizations and their leaders, helping them make the hard choices and take the necessary actions to reach a new level of impact. Our approach marries our deep grounding in strategy, networks, social innovation and human systems with the fundamentals of professional advisory services – effective project management, skilled facilitation and well-timed intervention.

As part of the global strategy firm Deloitte Consulting, we are able to draw on the strategy, innovation, marketing and change management expertise as well as the knowledge and experience of our colleagues around the globe. Since 2005, we have worked with more than 100 social sector and global development organizations, including seven of the ten largest U.S. foundations and many groundbreaking social innovators. Our team of practitioners is based in New York, Cambridge, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

Our approach
Stay One Step Ahead The pace of change today has decreased the half-life of strategies in every sector. Always scouting the next frontier in social innovation, we challenge existing mindsets and practices. Leaders who want to break through the status quo come to us for guidance in understanding, mapping, or inventing something new, or transforming something that already exists—to understand what needs to be done and turn ideas into action.
Create Practical Insights We balance creativity with rigor, and temper deep analysis with sound judgment. Our practice is built on a rich blend of analysis, synthesis and real world experience. Whether testing new ideas or reinventing old ones, we translate data and observation into action.
Facilitate the Human System We work side-by-side with leaders and their teams to question answers, surface tensions and make the tough decisions required to set strategy and take action. Building the organizational culture, relationships and structures to support execution, we help networks and organizations create step-changes in impact.